Purdue installs MILabs' SPECT/CT
Purdue University's Bindley Bioscience Center has installed U-SPECT-II/CT system, manufactured by MILabs, which will be used by researchers to capture molecular and anatomical images for medical research.

Philip S. Low, PhD, the Ralph C. Corely Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue in West Lafayette, Ind., said the system will help Purdue researchers develop new diagnostic solutions and therapies for a spectrum of diseases, specifically in the areas of cancer, diabetes, depression and cardiac problems, as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

The instrument, valued at $800,000, is the first to be installed by MILabs at a North American research facility. MILabs, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, develops and markets imaging systems for preclinical biological and pharmaceutical research.