Siemens bolsters electrophysiology with syngo DynaCT Cardiac
Siemens introduced a new electrophysiology (EP) system, syngo DynaCT Cardiac, which enables 3D imaging comparable CT in the EP lab during procedures. The system builds upon the company’s syngo DynaCT technology, and enhances diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities by enabling electrophysiologists to visualize the left atrium in 3D during complex cardiac procedures, virtually eliminating the need for pre-procedural CT or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams. syngo DynaCT Cardiac is being featured at the 28th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Heart Rhythm Society from May 9-12 in Denver.

"syngo DynaCT Cardiac brings a whole new level of efficient, integrated workflow to the EP lab to meet the increasing demand to diagnose and treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias," said Claus Grill, vice president, Angiography, Cardiac, and X-ray Systems, Siemens Medical Solutions. Roughly 550,000 new patients are diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmias in the United States each year. "Obtaining a combination of electrophysiological and morphological data is increasingly important for electrophysiologists, and having 3D images of the heart at the table can help significantly optimize productivity in the lab and shorten procedures for patients," he added.

During an interventional procedure in which CT scans are required, moving the patient out of the sterile environment and onto a CT scanner can be cumbersome and poses the risk of complications. syngo DynaCT Cardiac enables CT-like imaging to be performed directly in the EP lab without loss of time or added risk to the patient.