Siemens unveils largest biplane anatomical coverage on market
Siemens Medical Solutions introduced the AXIOM Artis dBA Twin at RSNA 2006. The system, an innovative imaging system designed for universal angiography and the highly specialized field of neuroradiology, enhances Siemens syngo DynaCT software to provide new and more detailed viewpoints of tissue and organs.

The AXIOM Artis dBA Twin is a milestone in advanced biplane imaging. The system features the largest biplane anatomical coverage available, and is uniquely equipped with two 30x40-centimeter flat detectors. The AXIOM Artis dBA Twin provides flexibility across a complete applications spectrum, from neuroradiology to cardiac imaging, with fine detail resolution in 2D and 3D. State-of-the-art flat detector biplane technology delivers exceptional detail resolution to support both diagnostic and interventional decision making.

The system features a compact detector housing design that enables virtually unrestricted patient access, while also offering outstanding angulation capabilities. It delivers outstanding visualization from the common carotid artery up to the finest distal vessels during the venous phase. The AXIOM Artis dBA Twin also offers excellent support for pediatric applications where optimal dose reductions are critical, and supports the latest cross-sectioning 3D imaging techniques with the optional syngo DynaCT cross-sectional imaging capability.

Siemens adds CR to mobile product line

Siemens also introduced the latest addition to its MOBILETT XP product line at RSNA 2006. The MOBILETT XP CR is the first mobile x-ray system to feature integrated CR reading technology and is deigned to make digital imaging available to more facilities. The integrated monitor provides high quality image display for first image review and image archiving right at the patient’s bedside. The MOBILETT XP CR will provide further advantages for existing x-ray equipment. The system’s integrated CR reader with a reading capacity of 60 cassettes per hour enables it to serve as a centralized single plate CR reader for multiple rooms or ICUs.