SonoSite adds transducers, wireless to MicroMaxx platform
SonoSite highlighted at RSNA 2006 in Chicago upgrades to its MicroMaxx as part of the system's 3.4 upgrade, including a new high frequency transducer, enhancements for wireless connectivity and security, and additional capabilities that further add to the MicroMaxx system’s performance in ultra-portable examinations throughout the hospital. Current customers can upgrade existing MicroMaxx systems to the new capabilities via compact flash cards, and this includes the new wireless capability.

Highlights of the new performance upgrade include:
  • New C11e/8-5 transducer – A new micro-convex array, this slender, elegant transducer provides excellent imaging for pediatric and neonatal studies and enhanced image quality for line placement and nerve visualization.
  • Extended performance of the P17/5-1 phased array transducer – This phased array transducer’s design is optimal for cardiac imaging, transcranial imaging and abdominal imaging, particularly in difficult to image patients. Its 2D imaging performance has been improved with clutter reduction, second-generation harmonics, and increased imaging penetration to 35 centimeters. The increased depth allows clinicians to address a broader patient population. 
  • Enhanced Wireless Connectivity – The MicroMaxx system now features an 80211b/g card, which is the industry standard for enterprise applications and features enhanced security.
“The new wireless capability supports the clinician’s frequent need to be nomadic by enhancing the value of the MicroMaxx system’s portability,” said Thomas J. Dugan, senior vice president for marketing and U.S. sales. “With this new feature, clinicians can conduct imaging studies at the patient’s bedside, transfer the results wirelessly, and be certain that the data are saved in a central server with enhanced security.”