TeraRecon unveils next iteration of Aquarius iNtuition
TeraRecon, a developer of advanced visualization solutions, released the next generation of its Aquarius iNtuition application, Version 4.4, at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) this week in Vienna, Austria.

Among the new features available with AQi 4.4 are tools for endovascular aortic repair planning, user-customizable measurement protocols with export to XML, CSV or text format for RIS interfacing, and a package for CT colon review, supporting both primary 2D and primary 3D interpretation styles, according to the firm.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based TeraRecon said the latest iteration also includes a time-dependence analysis package for perfusion studies, and an updated client-server version of SAT oncology package, supporting segmentation, analysis and tracking of masses and lesions from CT or MR data in any anatomical location, including lung, brain and liver. The SAT tool is now available for use at any time during image review, and it features automated selection of morphology or pathology along with calculation of dimensions and volumes and progression/regression monitoring.

AQi 4.4 also features upgrades to the previously-available cardiac and vascular analysis tools, and to the AquariusWeb viewer, which now supports more interaction with vascular analysis views, and the ability to provide a referring physician or patient with a simple link for web access to a dataset that requires only a password for access to the study, according to the company.