Zonare enhances its z.one
ZONARE Medical Systems demonstrated new hardware and software upgrades on its z.one ultrasound system. The upgrades include new transducers, image storage capabilities, and image quality improvements. In addition, upgrades addressing complete auto-optimization of 2D imaging and spectral Doppler, wireless connections and a HDMI/DVI digital interface was presented. Finally, a new miniCart option for the z.one’s scan engine was shown.

With these technologies, ZONARE feels its system “can match the detail quality of the premium systems out there” on the market, said Lars W. Shaw, vice president, marketing.

The company’s Auto-Opt with ZST option is able to instantly equalize tissue gain and brightness in real time very simply within each acoustic window. The upgrade provides the ability to auto-adjust for an individual’s body sound propagation and optimize the image accordingly, the company said.

Auto-Doppler Trace is able to quickly trace the spectral Doppler waveform, which is unique, the company said, because it is able to do this without spectral Doppler post-processing parameters, such as gain and dynamic range. A user can configure this feature to display assorted calculations which can be updated by either heartbeats or time.

As for transducer technology, ZONARE showcased two of its latest: the P4-1c Phased Array and the L12-5sp Linear Array. The P4-1c is for transcranial and abdominal vascular imaging and comes in a small size (14 x 21mm) — though in that space it holds the capabilities for nine multiple frequencies within 2D and M-Mode, Tissue Harmonics, Color/Power Doppler, and PW Doppler.

The narrow L12-5sp offers high frequency imaging, has eight multiple frequencies, and is suitable for intra-operative vessel scanning, guiding needles/catheters, musculoskeletal applications and superficial vein mapping. This model will be available by Q2 2007.

Yet another transducer, a work-in-progress, is being developed for limited cardiac imaging, Shaw said. In this way, ZONARE is offering transducers that “span the applications needed in a radiology department,” he added.

Zonare also showcased its new ultrasound miniCart, a customizable, mobile platform that securely holds the system’s scan engine in tight locations where a cart is needed.

Finally, the company also introduced an internal hard drive with the z.one system that can provide storage directly with the scan engine. A USB will be included for external storage.