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Despite an increase of coronary CT angiography (CCTA) exams in emergency departments (EDs) in the last decade, myocardial perfusion imaging examinations (MPI) and stress echocardiography remain the dominant imaging exams for patients with acute chest pain, according to a study recently published in the American Journal of Roentgenology.

According to new research in Academic Radiology, a 70-degree lead tip angle was found to ensure diagnostic image quality of all modalities in CT pacemaker imaging, leading authors to dub it the “magic angle.”

In recent research, Johns Hopkins University researchers demonstrated success in utilizing cardiac imaging to predict the effectiveness of using catheter ablation to treat atrial fibrillation (AFib).

For patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), a successful cardiothoracic MRI is challenging but beneficial for those with intact renal function, according to a new retrospective study published in Academic Radiology

A new method to capture images of the biomechanical properties of the heart may soon be a technique used to heal heart attack victims.


Recent Headlines

Making a Difference in Cardiac CTA Interventional Procedures Cardiac CT angiography is making its mark of diagnosis — as well as impacting the course of interventional procedures.
Physician Expertise: The Right Combination for the Best Read Remarkable advances in multidetector CT angiography (CTA) not onlyhave produced great excitement among both radiology and cardiologyspecialty groups but also have raised issues of responsibility forinterpretation of the resulting images.
The Perfect Match: The 64/16 Slice Combination Healthcare facilities often turn to a 64-slice scanner with oneprimary objective for the state-of-the-art system: to open the door tonon-invasive coronary artery imaging.
CT and the Community Hospital: Formula for Success Although academic medical centers and large hospitals were the earlyadopters of 64-slice CT solutions, community hospitals are entering the64-slice world in quickly increasing numbers.
Echocardiography: A Beat Ahead in the 21st Century

With better resolution than MR and CT, echocardiography is poised to take the lead in screening and diagnosing heart disease.

Siemens to unveil broadened biplane anatomical coverage for AXIOM Artis dBA Twin Siemens Medical Solutions is introducing the AXIOM Artis dBA Twin, animaging system designed for universal angiography and the highlyspecialized field of neuroradiology, at next week’s RSNA in Chicago.
GE Healthcare showcases full-breadth of cardiology imaging, IT tools GE Healthcare pulled out all the stops in Chicago this week at theAmerican Heart Association (AHA) in Chicago by showcasing the fullbreadth of its latest developments in cardiology imaging, clinical ITsystems, and other developments.
Cardiac Images Flow Across the Enterprise

Cardiologists need to review images from a variety of imaging modalities on a single workstation, and to this end solutions vary from institution to institution. Learn how three facilities address these challenges.

MRI faster, more flexible for broader applications Attendees will have a post-Thanksgiving feast of MRI-relatedtechnologies to browse at RSNA this year, although 3T MRI systems willrule the show. But if that’s not your speed, there are plenty of 1.0Tand 1.5T systems to browse. Advancements focus on making it easier tocapture difficult-to-image areas of the body, such as new tools forcardiac imaging. Also look for MR-related products that easeinformation flow or reduce patient stress during exams.
MRI faster, more flexible for broader applications

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