Abington Memorial Hospital launches Eclipsys' SunriseXA 3.3
Abington (Pa.) Memorial Hospital has installed Eclipsys Corp.'s SunriseXA Release 3.3 advanced clinical software.

Abington Memorial CIO Alison L. Ferren said that SunriseXA 3.3 was "implemented on schedule. We're looking forward to activating SunriseXA 3.5 in the fall." Abington Memorial upgraded to SunriseXA 3.3 from a 2002 version of the technology.

SunriseXA 3.5 will include additional functionality, such as ambulatory support, emergency department, clinical documentation, access management, structured notes, remote access services, medical necessity checking, prescription writer, and medication management configuration. SunriseXA 3.5 is slated for general availability in June.

Eclipsys also recently commissioned independent research firm Aberdeen Group to audit the benchmark testing of the SunriseXA 3.3 software. In its audit report, the Aberdeen Group states, among other things, that "Eclipsys has successfully addressed response time issues identified with its SunriseXA product announced in 2003."

The underlying benchmark testing was designed to simulate a hospital with 6,000 patients, which exceeds in size the largest hospitals in North America.