Accuray adds Xsight to Miami CyberKnife capabilities
Stereotactic robotic radiosurgery device developer Accuray has installed its Xsight lung tracking system software at the CyberKnife Center of Miami. The application allows for totally non-invasive lung cancer treatment by eliminating the need for invasive placement of radiographic markers, such as fiducials, in the delivery of many lung radiosurgery treatments.

The Xsight lung tracking system registers directly to the tumor to track, detect and correct for tumor movement in real-time throughout the treatment, according to the Accuray. The application works in concert with the vendor’s CyberKnife System and Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System and uses the patient's internal anatomy to directly track targets for radiosurgical accuracy.

The procedure can cost up to 45 percent less than typical radiation therapy treatments and is a viable alternative for patients whose conditions have been labeled as inoperable due to location, severity or other factors, Accuray said.