Aetna offers interactive personal health records
Aetna has made its CareEngine-powered personal health record (PHR) available to all Aetna Individual Advantage members in 24 states (and Washington, D.C.) where Aetna Advantage Plans are currently sold. In the future, as these plans become available to consumers in additional states, Aetna said the PHR will also be a standard part of the benefits plans.

CareEngine provides one secure, easily accessible online location for accessing personal health information of members, round the clock, anywhere an internet connection is available, according to Aetna.

When a member first uses his or her PHR, it already contains information that has been previously processed for the member, such as insurance claims, doctors’ visits and prescribed medications that a member is taking. In addition, members can add personal information about their health history, such as a specific disease or condition in the family, or whether they take over-the-counter medications, Aetna said.

As members add more health information to their PHR, CareEngine evaluates this additional information for opportunities to improve care for themselves and their families.

"Adding personal information that is not available through insurance claims not only gives physicians a broader view of their patient’s health history, but it also enhances the ability of the CareEngine System," said Laurie Brubaker, COO for Aetna’s Consumer Segment. "In both respects, the more information a member enters in to his or her PHR, the greater the likelihood of improved care."