AFC exhibits Upright Cart
AFC Industries introduced the Upright Cart, a space-saving, mobile, point-of-care cart as well as a wall mount for medical professionals during the 2008 HIMSS conference in Orlando, Fla.

The Upright Cart accommodates a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as a battery pack to provide flexibility and efficiency in moving among rooms and departments, according to Vincent Bocchimuzzo, marketing manager, AFC.  While the Upright Cart is designed for comfort with adjustable monitor and keyboard heights, its slim profile creates an efficient space-saving design.

By accessing a hospital’s WiFi, the mobile, point-of-care cart can capture data at the point of care and send it to a central repository, improving patient care and reducing medical errors, he added.

“With the Upright Cart, doctors can take their workstations almost anywhere, including areas that were previously too difficult to navigate with wider, bulkier carts,” said Amir Rotlevi, operating director, AFC. “And with the battery-pack option, this cart can move easily from the patient’s bedside to the nurses’ station or anywhere it needs to go.  Individual users can quickly adjust heights as needed.” 

Rotlevi noted that the increased mobility will enhance patient care and productivity, with the bonus of providing an ergonomic solution for medical staff.

With a wall mount solution, users can mount one or two screens, as well as a tablet PC, Bocchimuzzo said. By adapting the wall mount to accommodate a tablet PC, doctors are able to still have mobility while saving space within a patient’s room.

Bocchimuzzo said that the company also offers solutions for all areas of the hospital including the operating room, ER and patient rooms.