Agfa bridges the gap between radiologists and critical-care provider
Agfa HealthCare, with its RIS/PACS, image archiving and enterprise clinical visualization solutions, sought to prove that radiologists “do not live on an island” at the 94th annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago.

Lenny Reznik, director of enterprise imaging and information, explained to Health Imaging News that Agfa is focused on getting better communication between the referring physician and the hospital network. To address this concern, the company showcased its web-based enterprise scheduling and planning solution, Impax Scheduling. The solution enables hospitals and clinics of all sizes to increase productivity by managing appointments and multiple resources in real-time.

“This web-based software can be deployed throughout the hospital system, which allows the referring physician to follow-up with patient care, and links that care to the radiology department,” according to Reznik.

To this end, Agfa also introduced its Impax Mobility solution, a new ultra-thin, web deployable enterprise image and result viewer, designed for rapid deployment operating across area networks. Impax Mobility is an add-on component to Impax Data Center, Impax or even third-party PACS that provides mobility to access image data, analysis tools and reports.

Impax Mobility uses server-side computing, adaptive streaming and micro-footprint clients to give access to data and tools on any device and at any location and over any type of network connection, according to Reznick. The Impax Mobility enterprise clinical viewer is targeted for use by clinicians, specialists, diagnosticians and referring physicians, providing a set of 2D and 3D image review and manipulation tools.

Reznik said that the Impax Mobility may be launched from the EMR or web portal and is easily deployed to existing Microsoft Windows PCs within or outside the institution, allowing physicians to manage consultation services with colleagues, as well as providing bedside education to patients.

Agfa also displayed its Impax Data Center as the foundation for healthcare enterprises who want to take control of their clinical imaging information using standards-based infrastructure. Impax Data Center allows hospitals to archive, access and improve disaster recovery strategies.

To further bridge the communication gap between caregivers, the company previewed a work-in-progress viewer technology that addresses the task of delivering images and information across a range of technical and physical barriers. The Impax Data Center Viewer provides access to imaging information at any point of care, regardless of network constraints and or the variance of platforms and administrative rules.

According to Reznik, the Impax Data Center Viewer could “play an integral role in image delivery in the healthcare enterprise of the future.” The Impax Data Center Viewer is a cross platform image viewer based on internet browser technologies, extending the reach of providers to any location with a web browser and an internet connection. In addition, the Impax Data Center Viewer uses an open architecture framework, known as Xero, which leverages open-source software methods to allow for collaboration from industry and academic colleagues to further functionality and design.