Agfa HealthCare
Agfa HealthCare (Booth 4800) is displaying its suite of Impax-based advanced visualization capabilities including the introduction of a new enterprise image and result viewer and a works-in-progress data center viewer.

Impax Registration and Fusion provides radiologists with a set of automated tools for comparing high-resolution images. The application supports the comparison of images from both the same image types (for example CT to CT and MR to MR for follow-up studies) and in multimodality cases such as CT to MR. Besides supporting x-ray image types, the application also supports nuclear medicine by means of the registration and fusion of PET with CT and PET with MR.

Impax OrthoGon is an automated measurement tool for orthopedic and pediatric specialties that guides physicians through complex measurement schemes using a series of prompts. Results can be compared to normal baseline results for interpretation and saved as images and data in the patients’ records in PACS, printed as reports, or exported for further processing.

Impax X-ray Angio Analysis is an application that offers a comprehensive package for reviewing vendor independent DICOM x-ray angio CR and RF diagnostic images. The software offers key functionalities such as digital subtraction angiography and quantitative analysis of lesions and morphologies. The package offers three types of analyses: straight, bifurcation and ostial. The creation of reports for enterprise distribution also is supported.

Impax RDS enables radiologists and other specialists access to a comprehensive radiology database of diagnoses, case examples and images. Integration with the Impax system allows automatic results filtering based on anatomical region.

Impax Virtual Colonoscopy enables the physician to start reading a complete CT colonoscopy data set in the space of about 20 seconds, according to Agfa. No user interaction is needed before starting the diagnosis as the software automatically prepares the necessary information and image sets for reporting presentation. Lesion detection takes place employing a user-defined layout to present results. The application is not yet available in the United States.

The works-in-progress Impax Data Center Viewer is a lightweight medical imaging viewer developed to provide access to imaging information for clinicians at any point of care.

The product is a cross-platform image viewer based on internet browser technologies that use an open architecture framework, known as Xero, which leverages open-source software methods to allow for collaboration from industry and academic colleagues to further functionality and design.

Agfa is introducing its new Impax Mobility solution, an ultra-thin, web deployable Enterprise Image and Result Viewer designed for rapid and easy deployment operating across wide area networks. Impax Mobility is an add-on component to Impax Data Center, Impax or third-party PACS products that provides access to image data, analysis tools and reports.

The Impax Mobility clinical viewer is targeted for use by clinicians, specialists, diagnosticians and referring physicians and provides a rich set of 2D and 3D image review and manipulation tools. The application may be launched from an EMR or web portal and can be deployed to Microsoft Windows PC’s within or outside the institution.