Agfa scores U.K. CR, workstation install
The Aldershot Centre for Health in Hampshire, England, has installed CR systems and radiology reporting stations from Agfa HealthCare.

With the recent installation of the CR 35-X and CR 85-X systems, together with radiologist reporting stations, patients no longer have to travel to Frimley Park Hospital, which manages radiology services at the new center, or to the Cambridge Military Hospital, which has wet processing technology. Also, images captured at Aldershot are sent to Agfa’s Impax PACS at Frimley Park for review, the company said.

Having workstations on-site also means that radiologists visiting at the center can retrieve images from the PACS that have been captured in Aldershot and Frimley, as well as at satellite hospitals in Fleet and Farnham, which are also supported by the PACS, according to Agfa.

Opened in 2008, Aldershot combines Army and NHS primary care services within one purpose-built building, and brings together general practitioners, army doctors, dental services, clinicians, community nurses and a pharmacy.