Agfa wins Impax PACS install at Intermountain Healthcare
Intermountain Healthcare of Salt Lake City will integrate imaging from all of its hospitals and clinics using Agfa HealthCare’s Impax 6.3 PACS.
Intermountain's current Agfa imaging system configures five PACS servers to serve five separate geographic regions, each with multiple hospitals and clinics. Agfa said the newly expanded solution will centralize PACS to serve the enterprise and will be integrated with existing hospital information system (HIS), RIS and storage infrastructure solutions. The system has dual redundant cores located in different locations to help protect business continuity.

With 21 hospital facilities, more than 150 clinics, and more than 2,000 referring physicians, Intermountain serves Utah and southeastern Idaho. The organization annually performs more than 1.2 million radiology studies.