AHA, chest pain society launch accreditation program
The American Heart Association (AHA) and the Society of Chest Pain Centers joined forces in September 2011 to improve the care of patients suffering from a STEMI. The AHA's Mission: Lifeline Heart Attack Referring/Receiving Center Accreditation program recognizes hospitals for their capability to treat heart attack patients.

In an effort to improve the processes surrounding the care of the STEMI patient, the AHA launched Mission: Lifeline in 2007 to provide tools and resources to hospitals and EMS agencies, with the goal of making systems of care more efficient to help improve the quality of care received by each STEMI patient. According to the organizations, Mission: Lifeline systems start with the 9-1-1 call or at entry into the emergency system and continue through the cardiac cath lab and through hospital discharge by promoting best practices that are identified using evidence-based treatment for STEMI.

Through this new program, accreditation is granted to hospitals that meet the AHA’s Mission: Lifeline defined standards for prompt diagnosis and treatment of a STEMI. Since the program’s inception, 10 hospitals located in various parts of the country, including Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Virginia, have been recognized with this accreditation.

The facilities have been recognized for meeting the standards of quality care by using evidence-based treatment for heart attack patients. All centers that received accreditation will now be able to display the new AHA Mission: Lifeline Heart Attack Referring/Receiving Center Heart-Check mark.