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hiit040707The 34th annual AHRA meeting and exposition kicks off July 30th and runs through Aug. 3rd in what we can only expect will be a sizzling hot Las Vegas. Stay indoors in the air conditioning and take part in some of the special events the organization has planned such as presentations on imaging informatics. Among the many educational sessions at AHRA, the organization’s Leadership Institute will again hold its Basic Management Program which is targeted at imaging professionals that are taking on new responsibilities within their organizations. For details, visit ahraonline.org.

AHRA 2006 also will feature over 170 vendor exhibits that run the gamut in imaging-related products from ergonomic workstation tables to PACS to CR systems, and more and more. Here you’ll find a preview of what you have in store for you at the exhibit hall this year.

Anthro Corp. (Booth #335) is highlighting the latest product in its Elevate Electric Lift Table family, the ELT Wrap. Suitable for PACS workstations, the shelf height is easily adjusted with the touch of a button, and the keyboard shelf has a manual tilt adjustment. The curved main surface will house up to four PACS flat-panel monitors, (typically 2 PACS monitors, a RIS monitor, and possibly an x-ray viewer,) to make the most of available space, and keep everything within easy reach. By touching the electric keypad, the Wrap surface electrically raises and lowers with a range as low as 27 inches and up to 53 inches high. The ELT Wrap’s large 34 inch wide by 21 inch deep keyboard shelf is attached to the underside of the curved surface. Additionally, it manually tilts 5 degrees negative and 15 degrees positive for additional comfort.

The silver-colored frame of the table is composed of 16-gauge steel, and the electrical in each leg assembly is UL tested and approved. Cables from equipment can be routed through the optional cable channel. For PACS applications, the transformers for the PACS monitors fit inside the cable trough so they’re hidden and out of the way. Flat-panel PACS monitors gain additional flexibility with Flat Panel Monitor Arm accessories, which raise and move them for the optimal viewing angle.

At AHRA, aycan Medical Systems (Booth #248) is showcasing its xray-print product that combines the company’s software with Xerox Workgroup laser printers to enable users to produce medical images on plain paper at very high, near diagnostic quality. Using this product can save customers 90 percent of the cost of traditional film printers, the company said. The aycan system is compatible with traditional and also PACS workflow using the DICOM 3.0 standard.

Canon Medical Systems (Booth #700) is demonstrating its DR-related products, including its latest lightweight portable DR systems — the Canon CXDI-50C. The system serves a broad range of radiographic applications, including trauma, ICU and bedside exams. The large 14 inch by 17 inch imaging area and portable design — just under an inch thick (0.9 inches) and weighing only 10.6 lbs — allow the Canon CXDI-50C DR system to be especially useful with patients who have limited mobility and for capturing images at angles that are difficult to set with fixed devices. 

Featuring proprietary, advanced Canon LANMIT (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT) detector technology, the Canon CXDI-50C DR system delivers high-quality diagnostic images efficiently with minimal x-ray exposure to patients, making it suited for pediatric and orthopedic use. This new portable DR system consists of a Canon Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) flat panel detector and a Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator, allowing for extremely effective x-ray absorption and high signal-to-noise performance.

Codonics (Booth #611) is exhibiting its just-released Virtua Medical Disc Publisher, a network-based peripheral, records and labels diagnostic studies onto CD and DVD media for the referring physician that is now available for sale. Although each device can stand alone, when used in combination, the Horizon Multi-media Imager and Codonics Virtua provide a comprehensive, economical image documentation system.

DatCard Systems (Booth #307) is showcasing its recently released MammoSmart that provides women with their complete mammography history and breast care information on an automatically produced CD-R/DVD-R. Each disc contains a large amount of educational patient information such as medical history, digital mammography images, glossary of terms, answers to frequently asked