Alaras CRystalView R200 no longer a work-in-progress
Alara introduced the CRystalView R200, a high quality CR system for single plate CR reader applications, at RSNA 2006. A works-in-progress last year, the CRystalView is designed to fill the need for a high quality CR imaging system, with daylight operation, integrated read/erase and throughput of 50+ plates per hour (14"x17" cassette).

CRystalView R200 is a desktop CR reader that accommodates one or more separate QC workstations. A workstation may be positioned near each x-ray room, sharing the networked CRystalView reader to provide a very efficient workflow. Imaging plates are housed in industry-standard sized cassettes of various sizes, from 8x10 to 14x17 inches. The system is designed to be interfaced to a PACS or other imaging network so that scanned images may be forwarded to a printer or server for reading at review stations. The system also can be operated stand-alone, reading images at the QC workstation and archiving to individual media.

In the networked mode, CRystalView conforms to DICOM standards. Patient information may be derived from DICOM modality worklists, and image files are output in DICOM 3.0 format. CRystalView also can be mounted on a mobile cart. The system operates from 100 to 240 VAC lines power, allowing connection to conventional wall outlets. No special wiring is required.

The CRystalView system software provides radiation exposure indication and logging for each image taken. The software logs and tracks user (technologist), exposure data and cassette usage. As each scan is completed, an exposure indication is displayed for operator feedback.

The CRystalView reader operates in conjunction with one or more QC workstations. The workstations are PC-based and are provided with an 18-inch flat panel display or an optional high-brightness, high-contrast 20-inch monochrome TFT display. The display is the operator interaction point for controlling the scanner, the image display for quality control purposes, and may be used for image read by the radiologist when equipped with the high quality monochrome display.