Amicas shows off workflow at SIIM
Amicas at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, showcased its RadStream product that increases radiologist productivity, supports the automation and documentation of results communication, and integrates disparate PACS viewers within AMICAS RealTime Worklist. 
Amicas also featured Vision Reach that focuses on helping grow the imaging enterprise by providing numerous services to referring physicians of things such as images, reports, and radiology information via simple HTML pages.

Vision Series PACS 6.0 introduces the next generation of the AMICAS web-based workstation. By keeping the same easy-to-use interface and adding immense new functionality tailored towards efficiency, visualization, and customization, PACS 6.0 represents the ultimate in radiology workstation power and personalization.

Insight Dashboards, designed to empower customers with real time analytical data for managing the increasingly complex business of radiology, enhances the Vision Series Financials platform with an intuitive web-based business intelligence and analysis package. Some features of Insight Dashboards include the monitoring of workflow and productivity, cash flow management, reimbursement projections, and marketing outreach. Insight Dashboards also has the ability to set “Active Alerts” to notify users of data changes as they occur.