AMS highlights Catella archiving, recording products
American Medical Sales (AMS), located in the front of the South Building at this year’s RSNA annual meeting, highlighted its Catella archive and PACS servers and its Catella DVD/CD recorders and labelers.

Catella archive solutions are available from one Terabyte to 95 Terabytes. Once stored, images can be queried from a Catella Diagnostic Workstation, Catella Clinical Review Workstation, or through the internet via Catella WebVue software when utilized with Catella web server, which is a separate product. 

AMS said its Catella archive solution is built around three components: advanced archiving software; an affordable archive server; and scalable software, hardware and storage media.
Also displayed, AMS’ Catella DVD/CD recorder and printers are fully automated, transferring a patient's DICOM images onto DVD/CD, as well as printing a label with the patient name and creation date. A customized institutional label can also be printed.