AngioDynamics launches hemodialysis access catheter
AngioDynamics, a provider of medical devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, has launched Centros, a self-centering, tunneled hemodialysis access catheter.

The Queensbury, N.Y.-based company said its distal end of the catheter has a curved configuration. Placed in the superior vena cava (SVC), its curved tips keep the ports of the catheter centered in the SVC, away from the vein walls. The tips of the catheter are not placed in the atrium, but in the lower third of the SVC, according to AngioDynamics.

AngioDynamics said it acquired worldwide rights to manufacture and market the Centros dialysis catheter from Lafayette, Indiana-based Ash Access Technology, of which designer Stephen R. Ash, MD, is board chairman and director of R&D.