Anthro brings new PACS workstation
Anthro showcased its new Elevate Corner, a workstation suited for PACS and the latest of the company’s Elevate Electric Lift Table (ELT) family at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. It utilizes corner spaces, as well as acting as an L-shaped configuration. The L-shaped surface is 72 inches wide by 29 inches deep on each side, with enough space for a person to sit comfortably facing the corner.  The entire work surface will house six or more flat panel monitors to make the most of available space, and keep everything within reach. And through the use of an electric keypad, the Corner surface electrically raises and lowers with a range as low as 27 inches, up to 53 inches high. The silver-colored frame is composed of heavy gauge steel, with triple telescoping electrical leg assemblies that are UL tested and approved. Cables from equipment can be routed through grommets provided in the corner of the work surface, and then guided through the cable trough, which comes standard on each table. If the Elevate Corner is used for PACS applications, the transformers for the PACs monitors fit inside the cable trough so they’re hidden and out of the way. Other features include a keyboard caddy that can move in and out, up and down, swivels and tilts 20° negative to 10° positive, with a movement range from 1-1/2 inches above your work surface to 5 inches below. Other accessories include the CPU Siderack that connects a CPU to the side of ELT Corner, or a CPU Slideout that can hang from the shelf outboard of the structure but still within the footprint of the shelf due to the overhanging main work surface wings. Flat Panel Monitor Arms also gain additional flexibility with Flat Panel Monitor Arm accessories, which raise and move them for the optimal viewing angle.