Aperio launches TMALab II
Digital pathology image and informatics developer Aperio Technologies has launched the latest iteration of the Vista, Calif.-based firm’s web-based digital pathology information management system TMALab II. The system is built specifically for researchers who use tissue microarrays (TMAs) the company said.

TMALab II enables researchers to analyze and manage hundreds of tissue samples simultaneously to facilitate research applications such as new biomarker validation or discovering and dissecting molecular pathways, Aperio said. The web-based application allows multi-user access and provides server-based image analysis, which permits remote pathologists to collaborate on large TMA projects. In addition to data management and image retrieval, the software also enables server-based image analysis.

Beta versions of the application have been successfully deployed at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, M.D. and the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, according to the developer.