Aribex awarded patents for hand-held x-ray
Aribex, a provider of handheld x-ray technologies, has been allowed a second U.S. patent for its Nomad hand-held x-ray system.

The new patent (Appl. 20070269010) protects the concept of having all components of the x-ray system in the same enclosure, the company said. The concept led to the development of its hand-held x-ray system. Aribex was previously awarded patent 7,224,769 for the digital x-ray camera in October 2007.

The Orem, Utah-based Aribex said its Nomad Dental and Nomad Pro are designed for general purpose dental use and for use with children, sedated patients or special needs patients. The technician stays right next to the patient, positions the device and simply takes the radiograph. Rechargeable and light-weight, the devices can be used in the office and then taken to the hospital, nursing home or any location for treatment at the point-of-care.