Array announces new touch screen mammography film digitizer

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Array Corporation USA of Hampton, N.H., has announced its Array 2908 MammoPro, a self-contained, touch screen-controlled, tabletop mammography film digitizer with PC connectivity and high-end scanning technology in a single compact unit, without the need for a separate PC controller. The unit is set for release in October.
The company believes that due to the recent FDA approval of digital mammography and the industry’s move from film-based analog images there is a need within PACS and mammography to digitize prior analog films for detailed side-by-side comparison of old images to new.

The new 2908 unit is based on Array’s laser film digitizing technology -- a 50-micron resolution, noise-reducing system capable of penetrating films up to density OD4 at just under 30 seconds for an 18x24 film. The self-contained device offers a standard touch screen interface with optional add-ons, including keyboard and mouse. It is compatible with all major DICOM-based CD burning solutions, providing an economical and accurate method of storing and/or transporting digitized images. Its compact size is designed for space-conscious practices.

Array expects that users will appreciate the ability to discern subtle density differences in denser breasts, while not sacrificing the ability to visualize skin line.