ASRT launches skills assessment tool for radiographers
The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) has launched a new skills assessment tool, which provides radiologic technologists with a vehicle to gauge their current skill level and knowledge base, and build a plan to help them reach their career goals.

According to ASRT, the tool helps users build a personalized learning plan that contains all the information collected during the initial self-assessment process. The information in the personalized learning plan is the basis for a roadmap for a professional development plan of action. Users can build learning outcomes, goals and timetables into their plans.

Users start by choosing the position they want to achieve in the profession. Then they rate their current skill level in different areas of knowledge. The result is a “gap analysis report” that identifies areas they should focus on to achieve their desired target position, said ASRT.

Currently, the skills assessment tool is limited to radiography and ASRT said it is considering expanding the tool in the future to include all other medical imaging modalities.