Aurora creates new Asian subsidiary
Breast MRI vendor Aurora Imaging Technology has establishment Aurora Asia, a new wholly-owned subsidiary. The company manufactures a 1.5 Tesla dedicated breast MRI system.

 “Asian women are in dire need of access to the most effective breast imaging technology, such as MRI.  By making our Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System available, we increase the potential to detect cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. Clinical trials have shown that earlier detection saves lives,” said Olivia Ho Cheng, president and chief executive officer. “Just as our company is dedicated to the advancement of MRI technology for breast imaging applications, we are also devoted to ensuring that Asian women have access to the best possible breast imaging system. We’re establishing Aurora Asia to make this mission a reality.”

Aurora’s Asian presence began in 2006 with the receipt from the State Food and Drug Administration of the People's Republic of China of a Registration Certificate for its 1.5 T system. 

Aurora Asia’s president is Dr. Pai-Jung Huang. Prior to being named president, Huang was Aurora’s international clinical director.

 “The Asian economy has enjoyed rapid growth in recent decades. Unfortunately, breast cancer also has become a more pervasive problem. The silver lining is the rising and intense public education that has lead to a greater awareness among Asian women about the nature of this disease and the importance of early detection,” said Huang. “With this as background, I think it is timely for Aurora to aggressively expand our business throughout Asia, thus allowing us to respond more effectively to the growing demand. I am confident and excited that Aurora Asia can and will contribute to the overall mission of the company, which is a reduction of the breast cancer mortality rate.”