Aycan shows affordable print system, showcases new workstation
aycan Medical Systems showcased at RSNA 2006 in Chicago its x-ray print, a DICOM paper print system that provides an inexpensive way to communicate with referring physicians and patients who would like hard copies of images of what are near-diagnostic quality images. The company now offers three different models in this line: LITE, STANDARD, and DELUXE. Each system, according to the company, is able to provide near-film quality images for under 10 cents a copy. Using these systems gives a facility the possibility to reduce by 90 percent its hard copy imaging costs, said Frank Burkhardt, director of US Operations.

Of the three models, it is the STANDARD that represents 90 percent of the company’s sales for the units. Each model offers a somewhat higher degree of printing quality, and of course the price goes up accordingly. The LITE is built for 200-1,000 pages/month volume, with the STANDARD for 1,000-10,000 page demand, and the DELUXE coming in at 10,000-30,000.

According to Burkhardt, it’s not just the paper that makes the systems more cost-friendly, it’s also savings in productivity costs. For example, prints can be mailed rather than sent via courier or other expensive method, there are no disposal fees for chemicals used in developing film, and you don’t have to have light boxes.

aycan also said that it has filed for FDA 510k clearance filed for its new aycan workstation OsiriX, which is a product based on technology developed via the OsiriX open source project at the University of Geneva. The workstation is being especially developed for the needs of multi-slice reading. The software can be used as a high-end 3D/4D post processing workstation for reading exams with multiple displays. The hardware has been developed through a partnership with Apple Computer and is scalable for low-entry to high-end systems, the company said.  The system has already received European CE certification.