B-K Medical launches prostate and transvaginal transducer
B-K Medical, a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, launched its new 8848 transducer for prostate brachytherapy and pelvic floor scanning in women. The 8848, used jointly with the B-K Medical Pro Focus scanner, is designed to provide the best image quality in its class. It enables a clear and detailed image of the prostate, which in turn allows for greater ease of use and accuracy in volume studies and source-dose planning for brachytherapy.

The 8848 has a long linear array that allows imaging of the prostate from base to apex. It also offers simultaneous sagittal and transverse imaging.

The 8848 enables dynamic examination of the pelvic floor region of women, allowing physicians to see the position of organs, such as the urethra and bladder neck, while the patient rests and, for example, coughs or strains.