Barco brings new advanced surgical display to the OR
Barco has announced the extension of displays to the operating room market. Towards this, the company is introducing an advanced color flat-panel display for endoscopy and multi-modality near-patient use in the operating rooms.

Dubbed the MDSC-1119 surgical display, the product has been designed to provide the unique patient safety and space requirements of the digital, integrated OR. The 19-inch, 1.3 MegaPixel (MP) color LCD display is designed to provide surgical teams with artifact-free images and image precision, offering them an accurate and reliable visualization tool for minimally invasive surgery and high-definition endoscopy, Barco said.

Barco's new MDSC-1119 surgical display has been developed with the latest LCD technology, including high brightness technology that makes it suited for the OR’s high ambient light conditions. Furthermore, the display’s high contrast ratio, color depth and wide viewing angle add to its image quality. Barco’s surgical display also offers the fast image transmission and broadcast quality video imaging, with great attention to signal integrity. The display also has been enhanced with the company’s image processing algorithms, such as Response Time Improvement System (RTIS) and motion adaptive de-interlacing, the MDSC-1119 offers surgeons artifact- and lag-free images at all times.

Moreover, the MDSC-1119’s video bus architecture and modular slot concept allow the display to be configured to specific OR video connectivity requirements. The display also readily supports new and future video formats, such as high-definition digital video.

The MDSC-1119 also is a versatile multi-modality display for endoscopic cameras, room and boom cameras, ultrasound, cardiology, PACS, anesthesiology and patient information. The company included this flexibility in order to give surgeons the information they need to perform surgeries.

The display also includes: dual channel Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture views; has been developed to meet the most stringent patient safety and design requirements relating to medical devices used in the sterile OR environment; features a fan-less design; and includes a low-voltage, external DC power supply that can be routed through a boom structure up to 100 feet away from the display.
The new display is being debuted at the AORN 2006 Congress in Washington, D.C. that runs through Thursday.