Barco shares a trio of image processing technologies
At RSNA 2008 in Chicago, Barco unveiled its TDRS-7101, a three-in-one general purpose GPU-platform and MICB-1340 image compression board.
The company said its TDRS-7101 is a GPU-based engine that it extended to a range of custom-built modality subsystems, including a 4D CT rendering platform. The platform is capable of generating high-quality representations of multi-slice CT data in near real-time. According to Barco, the system anticipates the rise of 4D imaging in dental, cardiac or endoscopy applications.
The “three-in-one” general purpose GPU-platform for medical imaging applications can perform image reconstruction, processing and visualization and offers imaging equipment manufacturers the flexibility to reduce costs and enhance the flexibility of their CT, MR, x-ray or any other modality system.
The MICB-1340 image compression board is specifically designed for network-based medical imaging applications. Installed in a server, it reduces CPU load and bandwidth and improves image quality. The MICB board is currently being rolled out in hospitals across the globe as part of advanced, network-based EMR/PACS viewers from Agfa HealthCare and Medical Insight.