The Beekley Corporation
Beekley Cradles Needle Localization Wire Protectors  
The Beekley Corporation (Booth 103) is introducing new skin markers created for use with digital mammography, needle localization wire protectors and coverlets for mammography exams. The Designed for Digital SPOTS are the first skin markers designed specifically for digital mammography via a lower density skin marker formula is compatible with event the most sensitive digital equipment, the company says.  

Designed for Digital SPOTS allow for complete visibility of tissue detail below through the marker without artifact. In addition, the lighter image clearly communicates breast topography to the radiologist without distracting the eye. A real-time supplement to the patient intake sheet, Designed for Digital SPOTS accurately identifies the location of moles, scars and palpable abnormalities directly on the image, reducing questions surrounding unmarked landmarks and radiologist read time.

The company also is debuting new Cradles Needle Localization Wire Protectors; disposable clear covers designed by a mammography technologist for protecting and stabilizing the needle localization wire. Unlike bulky padding, Cradles conform to the patient’s body to prevent wire movement and a clear cover ensures the localization wire is visible at all times. Removal of Cradles in preparation for surgery is safe and easy with no guesswork or potential tugging of the wire.  

New Bella Blankets Protective Coverlets for Mammography are single-used coverlets that help improve patient satisfaction by removing the chill from the bucky and protect patients with delicate skin. They are made of a soft fabric-like material. Artifact-free, and easily disposable, they are FDA approved, compatible with both digital and analog units and available in two sizes.