Best Medical buys Huestis
Springfield, Va.-based Best Medical, which owns a series of companies in the area of radiotherapy products, has purchased Huestis Medical which is based out of Bristol, R.I.  Huestis Medical is a manufacturer of radiotherapy equipment and a remanufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment.
Best Medical International has for 30 years been supplying the radiation therapy community with prostate brachytherapy seeds, accessories, and fiducial markers, as well as supplying ultrasound, stepper/stabilizer, software, brachy chair, and other accessories and instrumentation needed for complete brachytherapy programs.
Huestis is a manufacturer of radiotherapy products which include the Huestis·Cascade NT radiographic/fluoroscopic simulator, the Huestis Styro-Former manual block cutter, the Huestis Compu·Cutter III computerized block cutter, the Huestis Compu·Former tissue compensator for IMRT and other radiotherapy procedures. In addition, Huestis Medical manufactures collimators for a range of x-ray applications and radiotherapy accessories.
Huestis subsidiaries Huestis ARI (American Radiographics Inc.), Pro-Tronics and Huestis Industrial were included in the sale. Huestis ARI, located in Taunton, Mass. and Chicago-based Huestis Pro-Tronics, are ISO 9001:2000 diagnostic imaging specialists that offer remanufactured equipment ranging from GE AMX Portables, GE R&F Rooms, and OEC C-Arms to Liebel-Flarsheim Urology Suites.