Best Medical demonstrates prototype PET/CT chair
Best Medical provided booth visitors at SNM 2007 in Washington, D.C., this week a look, and even a free ride on, a new prototype nuclear medicine motorized chair for PET/CT. The chair is being developed to offer facilities a way to administer imaging agents, which takes nearly 20 minutes, without requiring a patient to strain even in the slightest. The product has been developed by Best Medical’s recently acquired branch Huestis, based in Bristol, R.I.

The chair, which is expected to go to market by the Spring of 2008, simply requires a patient to sit in a comfortable chair, which at the press of a button slowly leans back providing continual support as a patient leans back.

Moreover, it’s a “throughput device.” By administering the agent away from the PET/CT, this ensures that the imaging system is in constant use and not being tied up by patients waiting for the agent to circulate throughout their bodies.