BG Medicine gains rights to test for atherothrombosis biomarker
BG Medicine has entered an agreement with ACS Biomarker pursuant to which BG will obtain rights to develop and commercialize a new clinical diagnostic test for acute atherothrombosis based on a biomarker discovered by the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht.

ACS Biomarker has granted BG exclusive, worldwide commercial rights to pursue the development, validation, regulatory approval and commercialization of diagnostic tests based on the biomarker discovered by Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM), in exchange for milestone payments, royalties based on net sales and sublicensing income of any products commercialized under the license.

BG of Waltham, Mass., anticipates that the test will identify the biomarker discovered by CARIM to identify plaque rupture in patients early, when, for instance, the blockage is temporary or not complete and has not yet caused the common signs and symptoms of heart attack or stroke.

The test aims to aid in the diagnosis of less severe or transient conditions, such as transient ischemic attacks that produce stroke-like symptoms and unstable angina, which can cause a sudden increase of blockage in a coronary artery caused by a blood clot.

ACS Biomarker, a Maastricht, Netherlands-based company that was formed with technology exclusively licensed from the University of Maastricht and other parties, was founded to develop and commercialize cardiovascular biomarkers discovered at CARIM.