Biodex Medical updates PET dose table

Biodex Medical Systems has redesigned its PET Unit Dose Table with added features to help maximize work area and protection.

The PET Unit Dose Table includes the compact L-block shield with built-in dose calibrator shield providing 1.5-inch thickness lead shielding in front and 1-inch thick lead in the base and in the chamber shield. Once the dose calibrator chamber is placed in the shield, the chamber support shelf provides 1-inch thick lead shielding. The built-in PET sharps container shield is constructed of steel and lined with 1-inch thick lead, said Biodex.

To further maximize work space, the dose calibrator display unit mounts on a stand above the countertop while two shelves provide storage space for PET shipping containers, syringe shields and other small items, according to the Shirley, N.Y.-based company.