BioLucent brings new SAVI breast brachytherapy device to ASTRO
BioLucent launched its SAVI applicator at the Annual American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) meeting in Philadelphia this week. The SAVI device offers a multi-catheter, single-entry approach to breast brachytherapy as part of breast-conserving cancer treatment. The applicator is for use in accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) after lumpectomy with treatment that can be completed in five days rather than five to seven weeks as is the case with whole-breast irradiation. The applicator is a hybrid of two previous APBI approaches, combining the tissue-sparing dosimetry of interstitial brachytherapy with the single-entry intracavitary ("balloon") brachytherapy, the company said. Ultrasound and CT images are taken throughout the course of treatment to gather information about the location of the tumor, the device, and to evaluate progress.

BioLucent believes that SAVI’s ability to deliver a precisely targeted dose of radiation will provide a more flexible option in treatment planning to radiation oncologists and physicists. Other potential advantages of APBI include improved access to breast-conserving therapy, lower risk of injury to healthy tissue, and a faster transition to chemotherapy, the company said.