Biomedical Systems expands Digisonics deal for viewing cardiovascular studies
Biomedical Systems, a global provider of centralized diagnostic services for clinical trials, has expanded its DigiView network from Digisonics to include additional workstations for review, analysis and reporting of cardiovascular studies. 

Biomedical Systems’ physicians interpret clinical studies using the DigiNet Pro system, and rely on secure, web-based cardiovascular image analysis and reporting from virtually anywhere at anytime to ensure timely completion of research projects. 

DigiNet Pro provides Biomedical’s global readers full edit and measurement capability from over 11 countries simultaneously: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Columbia and Argentina.

“In the clinical trial industry meeting critical milestones is crucial,” said Beth Gregory, director of echocardiography for Biomedical Systems. “Using the DigiNet Pro software allows our readers the flexibility to maintain their active lifestyle without interrupting the trial flow.”