Biosound Esaote debuts new ultrasound systems
Biosound Esaote has introduced a Gold platform for MyLab30 and MyLab25 portable ultrasounds.

The new features of the MyLab30Gold and MyLab25Gold systems include a redesigned ergonomic keyboard, a user-friendly LCD screen with anti-glare high definition, battery operation for extreme portability and top-of-the-line advanced hardware for extreme performance.

Some highlighted features of both the MyLab30Gold and MyLab25Gold include: Tissue Enhancement Imaging; a real-time noise reduction algorithm that increases edge detection and decreases noise (speckle) by improving the signal to noise ratio.

Additionally, an advanced cardiac package on the MyLab30Gold also includes: Compass M-Mode; Tissue Velocity Mapping; Integrated Stress Echo; 2D based Strain/Strain Rate analysis package; and Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures.

Also with the new MyLab Gold platform, an advanced OB/Gyn package is available. This package includes a new 4D motorized probe for easy and fast 3D/4D acquisitions and X4D real-time technology for advanced 3D/4D OB/Gyn imaging in volumetric scanning, according to the Indianapolis, Ind.-based Biosound.