Biotronik releases cardiac remote monitoring system
Biotronik, a manufacturer of implantable cardiac devices, has launched the Biotronik Home Monitoring system for patients with implantable cardiac devices.

The new system is available across the product portfolio of pacemakers, ICDs and cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, allowing physicians to remotely monitor their patients' clinical and device status at any time and from anywhere, according to the Berlin-based company.

Using a red-yellow-coded traffic light concept, the company said its Biotronik Home Monitoring identifies patients with clinically relevant events for clinic workflow. Daily as well as trend patient and device information, is automatically evaluated through the traffic light system, and presented in the CardioReport. This status summary on the Biotronik Home Monitoring secure website enables physicians to review the information.

Biotronik said that its Home Monitoring system generates an alert notification via email, SMS or fax to the physician. The CardioMessenger allows patients to be mobile while wirelessly transmitting clinical and device status information to the Biotronik Home Monitoring secure website for physician evaluation.