Bluegates medical grade network helps build relationships
Bluegate Corp. is an industry leader of outsourced IT solutions specific for the healthcare industry, serving the needs of hospitals, physician practices and ambulatory care providers.  Bluegate provides the nation's only medical grade network that allows hospitals and physicians to achieve clinical integration by communicating in a secure private environment, improving patient care. Bluegate developed its medical grade network to serve as the foundation for a comprehensive array of healthcare IT product and service offerings designed to enhance secure electronic communication and data sharing among healthcare providers with the ultimate goals of improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality of care. Recognizing that it is critical to engage physician practices in the digitization of the entire healthcare system, Bluegate extends IT best practices to the edge of the healthcare network ensuring every physician and facility on the network is as secure as the hospital itself.

“Usually doctors are low tech or no tech,” said Manfred Sternberg, CEO. Bluegate is geared to bridge the gap between low-tech practices and the facilities that need the physicians. Eighty percent of doctors have no IT in their practice offices, Sternberg said. “We provide the last interoperable, HIPAA-compliant mile.” He said that many hospital CIOs are swamped and need an IT strategy. So, Bluegate comes in and helps the hospital build a stronger relationship with its doctors. They can help physicians become better automated without needing an IT staff and through better data, patients get better care across the continuum. Bluegate’s efforts, said Sternberg, help facilities develop a long-term strategy that both supports change and helps grow the business.