Bracco Diagnostics
Bracco Diagnostics (3099), a member of the Bracco Group, is displaying Isovue and CardioGen-82, as well as the Acist CVi Contrast Management System.

Isovue is nonionic contrast agent, which has received FDA-approval for a range of diagnostic and interventional indications, and provides a range of iodine concentrations and packaging options. CardioGen-82 is a generator-based PET agent reimbursed for the evaluation of coronary artery disease.

The Acist CVi Contrast Management System is a fully automated contrast delivery system that streamlines angiographic procedures. The Acist CVi System features: cardiac and vascular procedure protocols; continuous, in-line hemodynamic monitoring; x-ray image synchronization with many manufacturers; automatic syringe refill from contrast source into multi-use syringe; flexible, low profile equipment configuration (on table or cart); and system feedback: air column detection sensors, contrast tracking, large-injection alert and flow rate and volume.