Bracco, Integrated Medical form new cardiac PET company

The Bracco Group and Integrated Medical Solutions, LLC have announced the formation of Integrated Cardiac Solutions LLC (ICS). The new company will provide turnkey services that enable outpatient cardiology groups and heart centers to implement cardiac PET perfusion imaging technology, according to a release.

"We're excited about the opportunity to bring world-class PET technology to more cardiology practices nationwide," said Robert Bridwell, MD, MBA, chief medical officer of ICS.  "This is a classic case of newer technology producing improved benefits at the community level." 

According to ICS President and CEO Stan Grice, changes in reimbursement create opportunities that financially support a viable community based cardiac PET imaging service. "The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced new payment rates for cardiac PET perfusion reimbursement," said Grice.  "The financial barriers that once stopped practices from using cardiac PET are virtually going away.  Now, access to affordable PET equipment, coupled with increased patient throughput and favorable reimbursement, will translate into significant value for the community based cardiology practice."   

ICS will provide outpatient cardiology groups and heart centers a complimentary practice assessment to help them determine if a cardiac PET program is economically feasible. As a part of ICS's turnkey services, the ICS implementation program, known as Cardiac Transitions, will provide clinical, administrative, and marketing assistance for a minimum 90 days or longer depending on the requirements of each site. Each site also will receive a copy of ICS's proprietary clinical, administrative and marketing program manual that promotes ease of implementation and continued operational success for a cardiac PET program, the company said.

"I see ICS filling a missing piece in the rapidly emerging field of cardiac PET perfusion imaging. This venture will create a practical bridge, assisting practices in successfully implementing cardiac PET imaging as a significant and valued element in their patient management options," said Bill Abbott, VP and general manager of nuclear medicine, Bracco Diagnostics Inc.