Bracco showcases expanded portfolio
Bracco Imaging unveiled its expanded product portfolio at the 2008 RSNA, including contrast media and delivery systems for CT/cardiology, MRI, nuclear medicine and virtual colonoscopy (VC).

“We are continuously seeking new ways to enhance our products’ diagnostic efficacy and cost effectiveness, ability to streamline customer workflow, and improve patient safety,” said Carlo Medici, president and chief executive officer of Bracco Diagnostics and head of Global Commercial Operations of Bracco Imaging.

With the recent acquisition of E-Z-EM, Bracco Group’s affiliate ACIST Medical Systems obtained E-Z-EM’s contrast delivery, contrast data management, and point-of-care (POC) testing business, including the Empower line of contrast injector delivery systems, which were highlighted at RSNA.

EmpowerMR: The next generation power injector for MR, EmpowerMR utilizes a unique hydraulic system that allows for virtually no injector radio frequency in the scanner room, consistent flow rate delivery, pressure performance on demand and compatibility up to 7T environments.

EmpowerCTA: Based on the EmpowerCT design and technology, EmpowerCTA offers all the same features and benefits, including patented extravasation detection, tilt sensor/lockout, arming at the injector, ease of use, flexibility and expandability.
The acquisition of E-Z-EM also assisted the Bracco Group in broadening and deepening its expertise, and affording its customers with a greater range of workflow solutions including:

IRiSCT: Linking all Empower injectors in a department across a hospital’s existing network, including those in remote locations, IRiSCT creates an integrated data management system that radiology administrators can access from the convenience of their offices.

StatSensor: This POC, handheld device analyzes a finger prick sample of blood for creatinine levels – an important indicator of a patient's renal function. Evaluating a patient's kidney function can help determine their ability to safely receive IV contrast prior to CT and MR imaging – an important precaution, especially for patients with risk factors such as diabetes, known kidney impairment and advanced age.

ACIST CVi  System: With its short learning curve, the ACIST CVi system is a timesaving partner in the angiography lab. The simplicity of the ACIST CVi system creates more freedom to focus on the patient. Pre-set guidelines for both cardiac and peripheral procedures simplify set-up.

CardioGen-82 (Rubidium Rb-82 Generator) Infusion System: This is a complete system for the generation and delivery of rubidium-82 (Rb-82) from a CardioGen-82 Generator (rubidium Rb-82 generator) to a patient. It is a mobile, self-contained system complete with a shield for a CardioGen-82 generator, a waste bottle shield, a saline syringe pump, sterile tubing and valve components, a positron detector and all of the support electronics necessary to administer controlled levels of Rb-82 activity to a patient.

A recently introduced education initiative that Bracco offers radiologists, nephrologists and radiologic technologists is a new MRI portal, Focused on MRI, this portal offers a library of medical education programs by key opinion leaders and experts in MRI to assist in the understanding of the latest information available to health care professionals.

 Bracco recently expanded its course listings by offering an array of new and enhanced programs and initiatives highlighted on, including additional content and videotaped programs offering CE/CME programs for a number of MRI topics.

Bracco also provides education and training for physicians, technologists and pharmacists in the Cardiac PET and Nuclear Medicine imaging community through a series of satellite symposia, and webcasts through various CME accredited providers.