BrainLab gets $7.3M investment from Intel
Intel Capital, the chip maker’s venture capital organization, has purchased $7.3 million piece in BrainLab based in Germany, a developer of software and hardware components for medical solutions such as image-guided surgery and radiotherapy. This marks the first investment by Intel in the European healthcare market. The funding will be used towards production of additional software and hardware towards procedures such as image-guided surgery and radiotherapy. As a result of the investment, Brainlab will also put an emphasis on the development of mobile point-of-care technology for operating rooms. “This investment in BrainLAB is our first healthcare investment in Europe, and it underscores our belief that technology innovation is vital to improving care and as a result lowering healthcare costs,” said Arvind Sodhani, president, Intel Capital. The companies plan to share their technological developments to bolster research and development in new medical devices and IT.