BrainLAB's ExacTrac X-ray 6D technology gains reimbursement
BrainLAB announced this week that users of their ExacTrac X-Ray 6D technology can now be reimbursed through a new HCPCS code.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) recognized that Stereoscopic kV X-ray imaging qualifies as a new technology eligible for payment under the hospital outpatient prospective payment system. CMS established a new HCPCS code - C9722 Stereoscopic kV X-ray imaging with infrared tracking for localization of target volume to describe the procedure. HCPCS code C9722 Stereoscopic kV X-ray imaging has been assigned to New Technology APC 1502 with a payment of $75 per treatment fraction, effective Jan. 1, 2005, BrainLAB said.
ExacTrac X-Ray 6D, an automated image-guided radiation therapy system, is installed in more than 60 sites around the world. It utilizes high-resolution x-rays to pinpoint internal tumor sites, robotically corrects patient set-up errors and tracks any patient movement throughout the treatment. Two kV x-ray units recessed into the floor and two ceiling-mounted, amorphous silicon, flat-panel detectors enable imaging of internal structures or implanted markers for accurate set-up of the target volume to within 2-mm of the planned isocenter position.
ExacTrac X-Ray 6D overcomes the limitations of conventional skin markings traditionally used for patient positioning, BrainLAB said. Prior to patient set-up, the x-ray imaging module calculates any variation between the current and planned target position.