BridgeHead debuts new archiving tool to unify PACS data
BridgeHead Software has launched its new PACStore archiving product, designed to reduce the storage hardware and management burden imposed by the long-term retention and protection of PACS data.

The new product unifies PACS data by enabling clinicians to search across stored medical images from different proprietary PACS using a search facility based on the DICOM standard, according to Charles Mallio, director of business development, healthcare sector for the Surrey, United Kingdom-based BridgeHead.

“Some PACS technology vendors supply in-built archiving technologies to help archive PACS data.  These aren’t necessarily the most efficient option because they create separate silos of storage specifically reserved for PACS,” said Mallio. “With PACStore you can use whatever storage platform, from whatever vendor. We don’t lock you in.  And you can also share storage resources with your other operational data for most efficient overall use of storage.”

PACStore’s predictive recall facility identifies and calls up other related studies to make them immediately available should they be required, the company said.