Bridging the analog-to-digital gap
A reoccurring issue bedeviling radiologists is the request to interpret the results of a patient’s imaging exam without access to that patient’s ancillary clinical information. In some instances, such as an emergency department stat trauma read, this situation cannot be avoided. However, much of the time the information is available, but is simply not in a format that can be easily accessed via PACS.

Faced with this challenge, a team of teleradiology-based developers has come up with a technology solution for this issue that only requires a working fax machine. Their DICOM fax adder (DFA) application, described in an article online before print in the Journal of Digital Imaging, allows for the direct faxing of paper-based clinical data directly into PACS.

The faxed data is automatically translated into DICOM format and appears on the radiologist’s workstation as another series belonging to the patient’s exam. Learn more about this novel solution.

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In closing, if you have a comment or report to share about how you’ve solved the issue of bringing analog information onto your PACS, please contact me at the address below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Batchelor, Web Editor