Brit updates new mammography workstation
BRIT Systems introduced new functionality for its multi-modality mammography workstation, BRIT Vision, designed for use with any FDA-cleared full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system, at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., last week.

A highlight of the new release is the ability for clinicians to scale digitized film, a capability that is critical for examining digital images against prior exams that were captured on a film-screen system.

“As more facilities acquire FFDM, clinicians are presented with new challenges for accessing and reviewing prior mammography films in an efficient and accurate manner,” said Michele Fisher, president, Brit Systems. “This next release of BRIT Vision for Mammography addresses many of these issues by streamlining access to prior studies.”

Other new features include tools for selecting prior studies and local storage that clinicians can use to pre-fetch prior studies for comparison. An integrated keypad eliminates the need for a different keypad.

One of the distinct advantages of the mammography module for BRIT Vision is the enabling of multi-modality image analysis and review on a single workstation. Color images, such as those from ultrasound, can be viewed on the workstation with the standard two 5MP portrait grayscale and one landscape color monitor configuration. BRIT's recently-released 3D tools are also available on this workstation. The workstation also includes support for CAD overlays, a dark screen feature, special hot-keys, icons and animated hanging protocols.

The company also introduced its “PACS in a box” pre-configured solutions for facilities that specialize in mammography and women’s health, orthopedics and cardiology. Each solution is tailored to the precise needs of each medical domain.