British Medical Journal publishes ThinPrep system study
A new, independent Australian study evaluating the ThinPrep Imaging System from Cytyc Corp. is featured in a recent issue of the British Medical Journal. The journal included a commentary describing the ThinPrep Imaging System and an editorial confirming the advantages of this technology.

The Australian study was co-conducted by the University of Sydney and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology in Sydney. The study reported that "the ThinPrep Imager detected significantly more histological high-grade squamous disease than did manually read conventional cytology slides." The authors compared the results of split-sample slide pairs from 55,164 patients over an eleven-month period. In each case, the conventional smear was prepared first and the ThinPrep Pap Test slide was prepared with the remaining material. The ThinPrep slides were also processed with the assistance of the ThinPrep Imaging System.

"Given the size of the Australian study, the rigorous study design developed by the University of Sydney, independent cytologic evaluation by experienced laboratory personnel, and publication in a prestigious international journal, this will be incredibly important clinical evidence for our efforts internationally," said David Harding, president Cytyc International. "The study and accompanying editorials demonstrate clear advantages of the ThinPrep System compared to conventional cytology, which is still widely used outside of the United States and United Kingdom."